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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Federal Ministry of Education, has released a statement on the teaching of Christian Religious Knowledge, CRK, as a subject in secondary schools in Nigeria.
Recall, that the media has been agog, over the alleged report that CRK has been removed as a subject of study from the curriculum of public secondary schools, in Nigeria, while Islamic Religious Studies, IRS, has been reintroduced.

However, in swift reaction, the Director of Press, Federal Ministry of Education, Chinenye Ihuoma, pointed out that the Ministry had designed a new subject, which merged Civic Education, IRS, CRK, and Social Studies, into “Religion and National Values.
The alternation is not from the Minister, this is purely from the National Council on Education. It is just as the Council has said that History should be a subject of its own, at the basic level in the first nine years.
“Now, a new subject has been introduced, called Religion and National Values. It is a fusion of religion and civics.
“I have not seen the details, but in a case where you have subject combinations in the same period, everyone will attend lectures that correspond with their own religion.

“Arabic and Islamic Studies are not standing alone. Islamic Religious Study and Christian Religious Study, as well as National Values, will be taught under a new subject.”

An unidentified Nigerian lady, in a bid to cheat on her boyfriend, or probably is such a whore, “excuse my French” decided to have s3x with another man as many times as possible in order to own an iPhone 8.
Our website have a section dedicated to exposing bad people and assault. this is another video of a nigerian guy having s.ex with his girlfriend in public in USA. The funniest aspect is that they were happy doing it
As we always say,
A final year student of Delta State University (DELSU), Abraka, identified as Isoken Kristal Bright passed on after a bried illness.
The 23-year-old, was an only daughter to her mother, Mrs. Osagbogbe, a top nurse at Sapele General Hospital, Delta state. She has just one sibling, her brother.
According to report, Isoken had severe men,strual pains which led to excess loss of blood. She died after she was rushed to University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) in Edo state.
May her soul rest in peace
The University of Wollongong in Dubai is offering scholarships to Nigerian students who wish to undergo an undergraduate program in the institution.
This scholarship covers 15% – 50% of tuition fees each semester and it does not include textbooks, excursions, accommodation, living expenses or any other costs involved in undertaking study.
– Applicants must be Nigerians.
– Applicants must have received an offer of place at University of Wollongong.
– Applicants must have outstanding results.
Application Process
Interested and eligible applicants should visit this link to apply for this scholarship.
Application Deadline
The application deadline for this scholarship is on 21th January 2018
For more information visit the official page

What Is UI Book Of Life?

Alot of people have been asking series of questions as regards book of life, some questions are;
What is UI book of life?
When is UI Book of Life going to be out?
How can i access the UI Book of Life?
Who will publish UI book of life online?
What’s the contents of UI book of Life?
What does UI book of life all about?
The ui book of life as it fondly called amongst the students is a document that is used by the university senate in the consideration of students’ result. It details the name, department, faculty, level and CGPA/GPA. This document gets circulated even before the official release of either the semester’s or session’s results.
The speaker explained the implication of the book of life in the house resolution sent to the University’s Vice-Chancellor where it was stated that the leakage does not only questions the integrity of the 67-year-old institution but has more negative effect on the students.
“The leakage largely questions the administrative and security competence of the university management as no excuse is likely to be genuine enough to avail the University of that Liability thereby casting a negative shadow over the strenuous effort of over 67 years that have gone into building of the premier image,” he said.
“This damage, as grave as it may seems may still be less compared to the harm that might come to students as a result of the leakage of their results and other personal data online which in turn may be used by Hackers and other evil-minded individuals through social engineering to have access to more unauthorized data on individuals. When this happens, it may lead to psycho emotional and economic harm.

University Of Ibadan, UI Book Of Life For The 2016/2017 First Semester Results

Authority of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) released hard-to-rectify mistakes during registration and how to avoid them during registration:

How to Avoid NYSC Hard-To-Rectify Mistakes During Registration

1. Registration by proxy: affected PCM can not register at camp because the biometrics is not his/hers.
2. Mixed up registration: some cyber cafe operators have the habit of registering more than one persons at a time in one computer by opening 2 or more tabs on the same browser. This causes mix-up in the PCMs information which is hard to rectify. We advise you to sit with the person registering you and make sure he doesn’t register another person at same time he registers u. When you want go somewhere before he finishes with u, tell him to log you out before he starts with somebody.
3. Don’t allow cafe operator to use his email address for you. If you don’t have email, let him create one for you and make sure he gives you the details…email address and the password. Keep them safe because you need them.
4. For married women, make sure you go with your marital documents, choose married online and upload them during registration. In the column to input your spouse surname, make sure you put the correct surname you are using after marriage.
5. For sick person, make sure you indicate it and the type of sickness, also provide all other details and upload medical report .
6. For millitary and SSS, make sure you indicate and provide all other relevant info and upload the required documents.
7. If you are a foreign trained graduate, make sure you read the registration requirements at and upload all required documents. Try to log into your account time to time for information asking you to update some of your documents. Failure to do so may lead you not mobilised eventually.

So this happened in Calabar.

A security official was pictured ordering a secondary school pupils to pack refuse with her bare hands, her offence, she dumped garbage on the ground. That officer should be dealt with though....does she not know the health implication of this?

One Michael Olusola, 11-year-old pupil in Rivers state, got severely injured during the chaos over the rumours that the Nigerian army was going around inoculating students with killer vaccines
Olusola had attempted to scale his school’s fence when the institution was invaded by hoodlums of took advantage of the chaos to cause mayhem
The boy is now recuperating at a hospital in the state after doctors had to stitch his hand, due to the severe injury he sustained An 11-year-old pupil in Rivers state, Michael Olusola, sustained a severe injury while trying to jump his school’s face during the pandemonium associated with the Army killer-vaccination exercise rumours, Punch reports.
The young boy severely injured his left hand while trying to avoid being inoculated with the alleged deadly vaccine.
Olusola was one of three students who sustained various injuries during the incident. Hoodlums had taken advantage of the pandemonium and decended upon Olusola’s school.
As they went about destroying various equipments, the students believed they would come after them, and began running helter-skelter.
Speaking about the unfortunate incident, Mrs. Cordelia Amadi, the school’s headmistress stated: “I was in the office on Tuesday when some parents came and said that they heard that in Owerri that some soldiers were entering schools and forcefully injecting children
The parents insisted that they wanted to take their children back home. “I told them that no soldier would enter the school without invitation and that the school would not allow the children to go until 1pm.
“But before you knew what was happening, some miscreants broke the gate and entered the school premises. “They (miscreants) destroyed computers and some other equipment in school. “Even when the State commissioner for education came in to tell the parents that the information they got was false, the parents still did not believe him.
“After the incident, about seven students were left behind and a woman came and said she was looking for her son. Then one of our teachers told me that a boy was injured and he was seen running home with the wound.
“A Good Samaritan saw the boy and rushed him to a clinic.” The young boy is still receiving treatment at the hospital, and the headmistress stated that she had visited him there.
His father Mr. Sunkami Olusola, further disclosed that as a result of the severe injury, his son’s hand had to be stitched by doctors. He expressed profound sadness over the incident.
This is very sad. Two school children lost their lives instantly after being involved in a fatal accident along an expressway in Abuja on Tuesday, Oct 17. According to reports, the vehicle which was conveying the children with other passengers – was hit by a truck, thereby killing the little children and leaving other passengers wounded
Nwajide Tochukwu who shared the photos on Facebook wrote;
Happened today along dia dia express road Abuja. The little innocent ones that lost their lives I pray that God takes back there soul to his heavenly kingdom and the badly injured ones I also pray for quick recovery.
Friends out there they need ur prayers.
See photos of the slain schoolchildren below (Viewers Discretion)
22 Secondary School Students Arraigned In Osun Court For Alleged Assault22 students of Osogbo Grammar School were arraigned before a Magistrates’ Court sitting in Osogbo, Osun state for allegedly conspiring to assault and intimidate staff and students of the school.
The students who were between the ages of 14 and 22, were arraigned on a seven-count charge of conspiracy, violence, unlawful possession of firearms, among others.
The accused students are Lawrence Samuel ,(22), Amao Ayoyinka ,(33),Lucky Jeremiah ,(16),Segun Agboola ,(17),Sodiq Adeyemo ,(17),Jamad Adegbenle ,(17),Gafar Oyeleke,(14),Ayomide Fatunmibi,(15),Pelumi Oyetunde,(15),Ahmed Gbadebo,(17),Pelumi Owoyemi,(17),Musbau Olabode ,(16),Ridwan Oladapo,(15),Seye Dawodu ,(15),Toheeb Adeyemo,(15),Esther Adeleye,(14),Mutiu Ajadi ,(16),Taiwo Oluwatobiloba,(16),Abass Lukman,(17),Ridwan Oladimeji,(22),Samad Mudashiru,(19) and Sunday Fowowe (17).
Arraigning them before the magistrate, the police prosecutor, Inspector Joshua Oladoye, told the court that the accused persons had on the 17th and 18th October at about 9:30am  conspired to cause mayhem and inflicted injuries on the members of staff and students of the school. He added that the accused also brandished dangerous weapons within the school premises with the aim to intimidate the members of staff and students.
He argued that the offences committed by the accused contravened sections 516,80,430,355,390(9),249 of Criminal Code Cap 34 Volume II Laws of Osun State of Nigeria 2003.
The accused persons pleaded not guilty to the charges reeled out against them. Counsels to the accused persons, Chief A.O. Olodo and Jimoh Akintayo, applied for bail on their behalf in the most liberal terms, adding that the offenses are bailable ones.
The Magistrate, Mrs Adenike Olowolagba granted the bail application for N200,000 with two sureties and thereafter adjourned the case till December 6th for hearing.

Here’s an inspiring and a bit touchy story of a Nigerian lady, Chigoziem Emereuwa who survived a car accident that claimed the lives of her entire family and now set to graduate with a PhD in Pure Mathematics at the very young age of 27.
On why she chose to study mathematics, Chigo said;
 ‘I am not one of those who realised their passion for numbers at a young age. I always wanted to be a chemistry lecturer just like my mum so I planned to study Chemistry in University. I was only 15 when I finished high school and began my university education so when it became time to choose a discipline, my family narrowed it down to Banking and Finance, Mathematics and Geography.
I did well in Mathematics but I thought that was normal for every student and Geography was because the environment always fascinated me and I had sworn to travel so I could see more. I chose Mathematics eventually because it was one of the few subjects that didn’t bore me and I thought it would give me a wider career option in the future. I credit my family for helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses.
Her life however changed on the night she lost her entire nuclear family. On the 17th of August 2001, whilst traveling with her parents, siblings and one of her aunts for her Mum’s sister’s wedding, their vehicle got hit by a truck. No member of her family made it to the hospital as they died in the accident.
“I only remember being in the back seat, playing a travel game with my sister and then waking up in hospital. I don’t recall any form of PTSD as my paternal family made sure I wasn’t alone, I didn’t even get a chance to mourn properly. It seemed like the loss hit my aunts more than it did me so I had to be strong.
However, my grades did go down and my mom was no longer there to push me. I felt no urge to work hard since I had learnt that you could lose everything in a second so, why bother?” She said.

Ace Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, in an Instagram post ripped Parents still sending their wards to school to get good jobs apart. According to him, such parents are living in the past.
Seyi Law wrote in an Instagram post;
If you are of my generation and dreaming of sending your children to school so they can come out and look for jobs, you are leaving in the past with no thoughts of the future. In another 60 years, many jobs will be taken over by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE robots and if you are not an entrepreneur or an incredibly needed brain, only God knows what will happen.

Technology is moving at a fast pace and we are not even developing our human capacity to meet the demands. Telecommunications companies are sub letting jobs to foreigners in areas our citizens are most qualified. These foreigners are cutting corners and embarassing us with poor services, but we find it difficult to sack them because secrets are already let loose in their hands.
A computer science graduate who never saw a desktop in the laboratory is been told to produce a laptop. Of course, he did by simply gathering information on Google replicating another’s idea without self development or hunger to do something different. We had better start tackling our hurdles of failures now before time elapse.
Your President can’t register himself on Twitter and you expect him to be a champion of the revolution of REDHAT. Integrity without INTELLIGENCE is STUPIDITY. I am sorry, it is crude, but that is what it is. A man with integrity surrounded by intelligent people will be cheated without his knowledge. If you think I am lying, ask Jonathan and when you are done there, ask BUHARI. Nigeria will be great and my hairs will not be grey before the explosion of our greatness will be visible.
Our girls of Nowadays need to think outside the box when making decisions.
The lust for attention and online fame has led majority of these girls to do the Unthinkable.
Here is a video a lady who is a Student of University of Lagos posted of herself dancing while in the hostel.
I wonder how she would feel about this in years to come. May God help her.
Watch the Video below:
You cant believe what happened to this two students after all students left school, its unbelievable and shameful, you can watch now by clicking Download Video or Watch Video.
Happy Watching!!
Cl1ck Download V1deo. If you come across any indecent photos or videos on facebook, you can bring them to us and we will let the whole world know. Please the best browser to use for our website is google chrome or mozila Firefox.
A Twitter user @nangatse posted this..she claims she was ridiculed in school yesterday by a female teacher for indecency. 

Read what she posted below
Try to share the post so that your friends too will get access. In doing so it will help us to be able to pay for the hosting fee so that we can always bring you hidden secrets and the bad deeds going on behind closed doors.
My take: Never ever on any circumstance allow yourself to be video taped in any form whatsoever in the name of love or fun. the consequences can be really disastrous! Beware!
Oh yeah we do try our best to keep you guys informed with what is going around you and yeah this should serve as a lesson to everyone especially the female reader, your past can hunt you this should preach, never use your today to kill your future
Nigerian Student Jailed
A Nigerian student, Amaechi Amuegbunam who lives in the United States has been sentenced to 46 months in prison for perpetrating fraud to the tune of $3.7m.
Nigerian Student Jailed
The 30-year-old man was also ordered to pay $615, 555.12 in restitution for his role in a sophisticated email phishing scam otherwise known as Business Email Compromise that caused $3.7m loss to US companies.
The Nigerian pleaded guilty in March 2017 to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.
He has been in custody since the time of his arrest in August 2015. FBI investigations in conjunction with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria, led to the arrest of the convict.
Following the conviction of the Nigerian, the EFCC spokesman, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren disclosed in a statement that the FBI commended the EFCC for its dedication and support in bringing Amuegbunam to justice.
See How This Female Corps Member Rocked Her NYSC UniformThis picture of a female corps member wearing this sultry NYSC outfit, has gone viral online and has generated mixed reactions from users.

The unidentified corper who was pictured wearing a styled waist coat on a distressed khaki trouser, has left people wondering if  they just do this to take pictures or actually go to camp like that.

But the manner at which some female corpers rock their NYSC uniforms these days, one is forced to wonder if the National Youth Service is not to turn its scheme into a ‘slay queen’ show as it is being done in social gatherings and club houses.